• Split AC; 1 ton capacity
  • 1 year warranty on product; 5 years warranty on compressor
  • Energy star: 5 Star
  • Product code: 1.0T 125 CY; Rated current: Cooling 4.6 Amps; Rated EER W/W 3.51; Power supply V/Hz/Ph 230 / 50 / 1 phase
  • Air flow volume: Indoor CMH 630; Compressor type: High EER rotary
  • Operation LCD remote, refrigerant gas R-22
  • Indoor unit weight net: 9.5 Kg; Outdoor unit dimension (WxHxD): 840 mm x 540 mm x 300 mm; Outdoor unit weight net: 32.5 Kg; Connecting pipe type: Cu-Cu; Connecting pipe length: 3 m; Connecting cable: 3.5; No of boxes: ODU 1 box; Connecting pipe: IDU 1 box
  • Anti dust, catechin filter, acaro bacterium(red), silver ion and hydrophylic aluminium blue
  • Inner grooved copper tube, LED display, self diagnosis, anti fungal clean and auto restart
  • Remote: Sleep mode, turbo, swing, LCD remote, lock, timer, fungusproof, glow buttons and dual temperature display
  • Air vent: Cross flow
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