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You are looking at an amazing gadget. A personal pocket Air Conditioner! It ACTUALLY gives cool air on a hot day! Uses technology of evaporated vapour. It can be used using the provided USB cable from your computer. If connected to the USB slot of your computer, it can give you cool air non stop. A great accessory to connect to your computer to give you cool a/c air if you are working in an non a/c place. Great for executives who travel! And great for just about anyone! This gadget can work using AA batteries too, so you can carry it anywhere. Use rechargeable AA batteries, and you never need to buy batteries either! When travelling, you can use AA batteries to power this amazing gadget!

Note: This is a Hand Held Personal unit. The soft air from this unit is sufficient for ONE PERSON only. It will not cool a full room. It is a portable device that can be carried with you, and used as a personal cooler only.

  • 90 degree vertical airflow control for optimal wind blowing.
  • Soft blowing speed adjusted by the on/ off switch.
  • Flat bottom surfaces turns it into a desk fan easily.
  • Wrist strap for ease of carrying.
  • Great for refreshment when you’re out such as camping picnicking and so on.
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